Make Love your Priority

Helping women thrive in mid-life & beyond & couples connect more deeply in their intimate relationships.

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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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The 3 Essential things that women in midlife need to know when it comes to sexual intimacy.


For women who want to face the menopause gateway with confidence and ease without feeling 'broken' or a failure in relationships or life.




The 3 most common mistakes that couples make in their intimate relationship.


Your roadmap to successfully turning around the 3 common mistakes to create more love and connection without the pressure, stress or shutdown.




How to deal with low libido and still have a loving mutually satisfying intimate relationship.


Putting you both on the same page in your intimate love life.



Hi, I'm Janet


I'm an author, psychotherapist, educator, and speaker whose worked with women and couples for over twenty years.

Love is at the core of my work, helping others unveil the love inside their hearts, while understanding the truth about sexuality and intimacy, breaking down the distortions of both menopause and sexuality to bring these subjects into the light of understanding and freedom.


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"Sex and love have become strange bedfellows … they rarely share the same bed.

This is not a moral argument….. This is an argument for love."


Janet McGeever

TEDx Noosa 2013

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What people are saying


"You are a true feminine leader that I want to follow. Your grace, humility, understanding, and intuition in navigating groups continues to astound me."


"Janet's ability to make a resistant, closed off, person new to a workshop of hers, as I was, feel safe to open my heart again, to feel connected not just with her but to every other female in the circle as well as my deep inner being, was priceless in my journey towards deeper self-transformation and as well as my precious relationships."

"Authenticity and grace flows effortlessly from this amazing yet humble goddess of a teacher. It is immediately clear and evident that Janet has done the work, at a deep level of her being, and in her own life, and that she is diligently committed to this path. I am blessed for finding her. I am blessed for being able to have been in circle with her."