Love is the Doorway

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Ok, I'm admitting it! Call me 'lame', but I have been watching MAFS, yes Marriage at First Sight. There... Embarassing.

Not the usual thing for me to watch these reality TV shows. I'm usually an ABC, SBS girl but I have to say this one had me hooked.... just a bit.

Not because I thought it was great or that I wanted to find out who would find true love... Because I was astounded at the dynamics of the relationships - the betrayals, the dramas and most of all, the way some of the women behaved and wielded their sexuality.

Don't get me wrong. I love being sexy, feeling sexy and expressing my sexuality in my own way.

Our sex is powerful, but it is just a doorway.

When a woman understands the real truth about her sexuality, something deep inside her relaxes.

She is no longer chasing shadows of her imagined self. She arrives home inside herself like never before. When she knows this deeply through her own lived experience, she gains a confidence in herself that cannot be faked.

When I...

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