Private Couples Mentoring

Do you feel like you live in two different worlds when it comes to sexual intimacy?

I support you to bridge the gap, safely and confidently to a mutually fulfilling intimate relationship. Private Couples Mentoring with me is for couples who love each other, value their relationship, but find it hard to sustain intimacy or connect in a way that you both enjoy. Along with my private couples work I've been teaching the Making Love Retreat since 2012.

This is for couples who:-

  • feel like intimacy is a big issue between you, you feel like it's just a lost cause but there's just too much at stake to throw the relationship away.
  • feel frustrated, disempowered and at a complete loss as to how to connect with your partner.
  • Want to put the love back into their relationship.

A loving relationship is the ultimate training ground for the soul to evolve. If a couple is committed to developing or sustaining a loving connection, some simple guidance and third party support is often all they need to get them on their way.

NOTE: This is not mediation or sorting out if you want to stay together. It is for couples who are both clear they want to be together and are committed to a loving sexual relationship.

I have two levels of coaching that can really help couples.

1 Month Mentoring - An introductory package for couples

Sometimes one month is all a couple needs to set them on the path and it's a great way to begin the process. In the one month Couple Mentoring, you'll receive:-

  • An introductory call where you map out what you need so I can plan our sessions.
  • 3 x 1.5 hour private sessions with Janet over a period of 1 month, where sessions are spaced at the beginning, middle and end of the month. In these sessions, I listen to what is meaningful for you, we have a check-in about how things are going and I work experientially with you both. I also educate - providing sound information that will empower you in your intimate relationship, covering specifically the areas that are not lining up and why this might be happening.
  • Support in between sessions where you can contact me with coaching support as I am available.
  • Specific tools  and practices will be taught around embodying the teachings, and bring more love back into your life and your relationship.

6 Week Mentoring - Deeper Immersion for Couples

This is a dynamic, interactive body of work that will deepen your level of intimacy, understanding and set you forth into your future with confidence. This 6 week mentoring support allows time for you as a couple to completely reset your relationship. I design a specific program personally for you.

What this includes:-

  • Initial Consultation for you both as a couple to discuss your needs.
  • Questionnaire to get clear on your intention and vision for this period of time so we can stay focussed on your joint outcome.
  • This Program comprises 6 weeks of support and includes:

7 sessions for each person which includes but is not restricted to:-

  • 4 x 1.5-2 hour couple sessions
  • 3 x 1.0 hour individual sessions
  • Scheduled Home practices (at times) that you can participate in together or on your own in between sessions to keep enlivening the connection between you and growing the love in your relationship..
  • 2 books for reading material that can support your journey of intimacy.
  • All sessions are either in person, by phone or Zoom, by mutual agreed time.
  • Couples sessions. This is where we cover the education side of conscious sexuality, We have never been taught sex education that actually empowers you and that puts love first. My entire philosophy centres around 'Make Love Your Priority' and this will be the framework for all the information and experiential practices I share in this program. as well as checking in with you as a couple and working with what is present.
  • Individual sessions - Working with what's alive/what's present, supporting you with any challenges that may be arising during your home practice - I work very intuitively pulling together my full range of skills of the last 20 years, including teaching Conscious Sexuality for 10 years, meditation, Inner Child work if needed, NLP and advanced counseling skills.

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"A loving relationship can be an incredible holding space for deep healing connection, joy and love."